Puzzle game based on laser and reflections! 

Another game is finding the most reflection in all levels :-)

I made this game for the One Hour game Jam of Aug 27th 2022. Theme was "Laser", as you might have guessed!

I ended up spending 4h30 developing the game.... hahaha


* Left / right to move the laser

* Up / down to turn it

Have fun!


Laser One Hour Sources.zip 2 MB


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its kinda buggy, I wonder if you could give me the unity file, so i could see how you coded it, bc i never did something like that and its interesting! Did you do that with line renderer (i only used it once long time ago so i wanna remind myself how to use it)

Hey there! What kind of bug did you met ? Actually, I used scaled boxes as lasers... hahaha. To compute the impacts between lasers and mirrors, I used RayCast2D.

OOO nice idea. Would you mind showing me the code for the rasers? I wonder how you did that. I have few ideas, but i wanna see yours

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I just added the sources as a distinct file :-)  (the whole Unity project)